Three Key Improvements to OneSignal's Pricing Model: Insights from 2023 Customer Feedback

OneSignal has established itself as a leading omnichannel customer engagement platform, offering a suite of messaging tools that include push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email. Despite its popularity and a strong user base, customer feedback from 2023 suggests that there are areas within OneSignal's pricing model that could be improved to enhance customer satisfaction and value. Here are the three biggest areas of improvement, supported by actual customer quotes:

1. Simplification of Pricing Structure

Customers have expressed confusion over the current pricing model, which can be complex and difficult to understand. Richard C., a small business user, mentioned, The pricing could be simpler to calculate. Simplifying the pricing tiers and making the costs more transparent could help customers better anticipate their expenses and understand the value they're receiving.

2. More Competitive Pricing for Startups and New Developers

OneSignal's pricing can be a hurdle for startups and individual developers who are just beginning to scale their operations. Sameer S., from a small business, highlighted the need for improvement by saying, The pricing of OneSignal needs to be improved to offer competitive pricing to new startups and newbie developers. Introducing more flexible and affordable plans for this segment could encourage wider adoption and loyalty among emerging businesses.

3. Enhanced Pricing Flexibility with a Pay-as-You-Grow Model

Several customers have suggested that a pay-as-you-grow model would be more suitable for their needs. Sharad P. stated, - Pricing is a bit on the higher side; if it could offer a pay-as-you-grow model - that would be great. This model would allow businesses to pay for only what they use, making it easier for them to manage costs in line with their growth and usage patterns.

By addressing these areas of improvement, OneSignal could not only refine its pricing strategy but also strengthen its market position by aligning more closely with customer needs and expectations.

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