Three Key Improvements to OneCause's Pricing Model: Insights from 2023 Customer Reviews

OneCause has established itself as a leading fundraising software provider, helping nonprofits engage donors and raise significant funds for their causes. However, even the most successful platforms can benefit from customer feedback to enhance their offerings. Based on reviews from 2023, here are three areas where OneCause could improve its pricing model to better serve its clients.

1. Transparent and Inclusive Pricing Structure

Customers appreciate the a-la-carte pricing that OneCause offers, as it allows organizations to select services that best fit their needs. However, some users, like Edward P., an Engagement Director at a small non-profit, expressed concerns about the overall cost: I don't like the pricing. It cost us around $5,000 to get this platform which just seems very expensive when we already have to pay other companies for services. Oh, and they take a transaction fee.

Recommendation: OneCause should consider revising its pricing structure to be more inclusive and transparent, possibly by offering bundled packages that combine the most popular features at a discounted rate. Additionally, reducing or eliminating transaction fees could make the platform more accessible to smaller organizations with tighter budgets.

2. Flexible Pricing for Different Organization Sizes

The reviews indicate that OneCause is used by a diverse range of organizations, from small non-profits to large enterprises. Caroline T., who has a love-love relationship with OneCause, suggests that the platform is worth trying regardless of budget constraints. However, the current pricing may not be as accommodating for smaller organizations with limited funds.

Recommendation: Implementing a sliding scale pricing model based on the size and budget of the organization could make OneCause more attractive to smaller non-profits. This approach would ensure that all organizations, regardless of their financial capacity, can benefit from OneCause's fundraising solutions.

3. Enhanced Value Perception through Feature Categorization

Users like the user-friendly interface and the versatility of OneCause's features. A verified user in Non-Profit Organization Management praised the platform's aesthetics and versatility but mentioned a desire for additional categorization capabilities: Our only 'wish list' feature would simply be the ability to categorize fixed price packages in the mobile bidding software, instead of only being able to categorize the silent auction packages.

Recommendation: By enhancing the categorization features and clearly communicating the value of each feature within the pricing model, OneCause can improve the perceived value of its services. This could involve detailed breakdowns of what each pricing tier offers and how it can benefit different types of fundraising events.

In conclusion, by addressing these three areas of improvement—creating a more transparent and inclusive pricing structure, offering flexible pricing for different organization sizes, and enhancing the value perception through feature categorization—OneCause can continue to grow its user base and help even more non-profits achieve their fundraising goals.

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