Three Key Improvements to Criteria's Pricing Model: Insights from Customer Feedback

Criteria Corp has established itself as a leader in the talent assessment industry, offering a suite of scientifically validated tests to aid organizations in making informed hiring decisions. Despite its success, there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to pricing. Based on customer reviews from 2023, we've identified three major areas where Criteria could enhance its pricing model to better serve its clients.

1. Expand Job Family Assessments to Offer More Value

Customers appreciate the versatility of Criteria's assessments, but some feel that the job families could be more expansive. Justine E., an Administrative Services Officer, mentioned, Job families could be more expansive but similar position types are available. To address this, Criteria could consider broadening the range of job family assessments available within their pricing tiers. By doing so, they would provide more value to customers who are looking for a comprehensive solution without having to pay extra for additional tests. This expansion would not only make the service more attractive but also more cost-effective for businesses that are looking to assess a wide variety of positions.

2. Simplify Testing by Combining Assessments

Tammy G., a Talent Acquisition Manager, pointed out that Some of the tests ask very similar questions, would be nice to use one test to test for multiple characteristics. This feedback suggests that Criteria could streamline their testing process by combining assessments where possible. By reducing redundancy and the number of tests required to evaluate multiple characteristics, Criteria could enhance the candidate experience and save time for HR departments. A more streamlined approach could be reflected in the pricing model, offering packages that allow for a more efficient assessment process at a better price point.

3. Introduce a More Flexible and Transparent Pricing Structure

While customers find the pricing affordable, the lack of transparent pricing information on the website could be a hurdle for potential clients. Criteria's pricing model is currently structured around contacting the company for a quote, which may deter some businesses from considering their services. To improve transparency and accessibility, Criteria could benefit from introducing a clear, tiered pricing structure with detailed information on what each tier includes. This would allow customers to easily understand what they are getting for their investment and how it scales with their business needs.

In conclusion, by expanding job family assessments, simplifying the testing process, and introducing a more transparent pricing structure, Criteria can further align its pricing model with customer needs and preferences. These improvements, guided by actual customer feedback, would not only enhance the user experience but also solidify Criteria's position as a cost-effective and customer-centric solution in the talent assessment market.

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