Three Key Improvements for mediasmart's Pricing Model: Insights from Customer Feedback in 2023

mediasmart has established itself as a competitive player in the omnichannel programmatic platform space, offering advertisers and agencies the ability to target and personalize brand messages across various connected devices. Despite its success, customer feedback from 2023 highlights areas where mediasmart's pricing model could be enhanced to better serve its users. Here are the three biggest areas of improvement, supported by actual customer quotes:

1. Geographic Targeting Flexibility and Cost Efficiency

Customers appreciate mediasmart's affordability when it comes to reaching large audiences. However, there is a call for more cost-effective solutions for hyper-local targeting. Laura C., a Campaigns Director from a small business, notes, It is hard to reach people if you don't set a very wide geographic radius. If we want to just target a few streets around individual buildings, our campaigns don't get traction, even within large, busy cities. To address this, mediasmart should consider revising its pricing structure to allow for more granular geographic targeting without a significant increase in cost. This would enable advertisers to run more focused campaigns and achieve better ROI.

2. Transparent and Simplified Pre-Payment System

Brendhan H., an owner of a small digital agency, points out that The pre-payment system is a little convoluted with extra steps but works. This feedback suggests that while the system is functional, it could benefit from simplification. A more straightforward pre-payment process would reduce the administrative burden on clients and make it easier for them to manage their advertising budgets. mediasmart could introduce a more transparent and user-friendly pre-payment interface, ensuring clients have a clear understanding of their spending and remaining balance.

3. Warning System for High-Cost Data Queries

Felix B., involved in Business Development, shares an experience with unexpected charges: We have an incident with unwanted charges for data query via API. But it's our mistake, if anything there could be a warning when high pricing data queries are requested. This feedback highlights the need for a warning system that alerts users before they incur high costs due to data queries. Implementing such a feature would help prevent billing surprises and foster trust between mediasmart and its clients. It would also empower users to make more informed decisions about their data usage and associated costs.

By addressing these three areas of improvement, mediasmart can refine its pricing model to better align with customer needs and expectations. Enhancing geographic targeting flexibility, simplifying the pre-payment system, and introducing a warning system for high-cost data queries will not only improve customer satisfaction but also position mediasmart as a more accessible and user-friendly platform for advertisers of all sizes.

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