Three Key Improvements for FluentStream Technologies' Pricing Model: Insights from 2023 Customer Reviews

FluentStream Technologies has been recognized for its affordability and support in the VoIP telecommunications service industry. However, even the best services can benefit from customer feedback to enhance their offerings. Based on reviews from 2023, here are three significant areas where FluentStream Technologies could improve its pricing model to better serve its customers.

1. Transparent Pricing for Mobile App Functionality

One area of concern for users is the functionality of the FluentStream mobile app, especially following iOS updates. A customer mentioned, The only issue I have is the iPhone app. After the most recent iOS update, it doesn't have full functionality. To address this, FluentStream Technologies could offer a more transparent pricing model that accounts for mobile app updates and ensures full functionality across all operating systems. This could involve a tiered pricing strategy that allows users to choose the level of mobile functionality they need, with clear costs associated with each tier.

2. Flexible Plans for Call Volume and Quality Needs

Customers appreciate FluentStream's ability to handle multiple calls and call quality, which is crucial for business operations. As one user put it, Able to handle more customers. We have a fax now. Call forwarding. However, businesses vary in size and call volume needs. FluentStream could introduce more flexible pricing plans that cater to the specific call volume and quality requirements of different businesses. This could include scalable pricing options that allow businesses to pay for the exact services they use without overcommitting to features they don't need.

3. Enhanced Support for Service Issues

While FluentStream is praised for its immediate support through chat, addressing service issues is paramount. Support is immediate through chat. They will work with you until the issue is resolved, a customer review states. FluentStream could improve by offering a pricing model that includes different levels of support. For instance, a premium support package could be available for businesses that require more hands-on assistance, while a basic support package could be offered for those with simpler needs. This would allow customers to choose and pay for the level of support that best fits their business, ensuring they're not overpaying for services they don't utilize.

By focusing on these three areas of improvement—transparent pricing for mobile app functionality, flexible plans for call volume and quality needs, and enhanced support for service issues—FluentStream Technologies can further refine its pricing model to meet the evolving needs of its customers. Implementing these changes based on actual customer feedback will not only improve customer satisfaction but also position FluentStream as a more adaptable and customer-centric service provider in the competitive VoIP market.

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