Three Key Improvements for Curate's Pricing Model: Insights from Customer Feedback in 2023

Curate has established itself as a valuable tool for event professionals, particularly florists, caterers, and venue managers. Its software is designed to streamline the sales process, from proposal creation to event execution. Despite its high user satisfaction, with a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on G2, there is always room for improvement. Based on customer reviews from 2023, we've identified three major areas where Curate could enhance its pricing model to better serve its users.

1. Introduction of More Comprehensive Tutorials at No Extra Cost

Customers appreciate Curate's detailed recipes and accurate ordering sheets, which contribute to consistent pricing and prevent over or under ordering. However, one user pointed out the need for more up-to-date tutorials, stating, Needs more up-to-date tutorials - volume too low (AE, Verified User in Event Services, Small-Business). To address this, Curate could offer a series of updated and comprehensive tutorials as part of their existing packages, ensuring that users can fully leverage the software's capabilities without incurring additional costs. This would not only enhance the user experience but also ensure that customers feel they are getting more value for their investment.

2. Transparent Pricing for Different Business Sizes

Curate's current pricing model requires potential customers to contact the company to get pricing information for the Enterprise and Creator levels, which can handle up to 120 events and proposals per year, respectively. This lack of transparency can be a barrier for small businesses that are budget-conscious and need to understand costs upfront. A small business owner mentioned, I would highly recommend Curate to any businesses that feel that they need to streamline their ordering systems (AE, Verified User in Event Services, Small-Business). To cater to this need, Curate could introduce a clear, tiered pricing structure that outlines the costs and features included in each package, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to make informed decisions.

3. Elimination of Extra Processing Fees and Pay-to-Play Integrations

Curate prides itself on not having extra processing fees or pay-to-play integrations. This is a significant selling point for users who are tired of being nickel-and-dimed by software providers. One enthusiastic customer shared, Since using Stem Counter our flower counts and pricing are always perfect! (Enza E., Event Designer, Events Services, Small-Business). To further improve on this, Curate could ensure that all future updates and integrations continue to align with this philosophy. By maintaining a commitment to no hidden fees and providing all-inclusive pricing, Curate can strengthen its position as a customer-centric solution in the market.

In conclusion, by implementing these three improvements to their pricing model—offering comprehensive tutorials at no extra cost, providing transparent pricing for different business sizes, and eliminating extra fees—Curate can continue to build on its strong reputation and meet the evolving needs of its users. These changes, driven by actual customer feedback, will not only enhance the user experience but also solidify Curate's position as a leader in event professional software.

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