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Here are 3 pricing opportunities we see with, using publicly available customer reviews.

Ninety is a platform that provides tools and features to help teams, whether remote, hybrid, or in-person, build and operate successful companies. It offers a set of tools for various aspects of team collaboration, such as meetings, responsibilities, scorecards, to-dos, and more.

Recommendation 1 - Focus on developing a transparent pricing structure:

Customer Quote (via G2): "Great tool to implement EOS."

While customers appreciate's value in implementing EOS, several reviews indicate a desire for a more transparent pricing structure. Users often find it challenging to navigate and understand the full cost implications, leading to uncertainty. Simplifying the pricing model and clearly outlining costs associated with different features or user levels can significantly improve user satisfaction.

Recommendation 2- Find opportunities to for cost-efficiency

Customer Quote (via G2): "We continually experience bugs in the product that don't save our data accurately."

Bugs not only disrupt the user experience but can also lead to wasted time and resources. To optimize cost-efficiency, should prioritize bug resolution. A streamlined and bug-free platform ensures that users can maximize their investment by relying on accurate data without the costs associated with time-consuming bug fixes.

Recommendation 3 - Offer Flexible Pricing Tiers to Accommodate Business Expansion

Customer Quote (via G2): "Easy way to manage company using EOS."

As businesses grow, their needs evolve. could benefit from offering more flexible pricing tiers that align with the varying requirements of businesses at different stages. This ensures that customers are not overpaying for features they do not need or underutilizing the platform due to budget constraints.

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