Addressing Customer Concerns: Improving Vendr's Pricing Model


Vendr has garnered acclaim for revolutionizing SaaS procurement, but customer reviews in 2023 highlight specific concerns related to the platform's pricing model. In this article, we will dissect three key areas of improvement based on customer feedback, focusing exclusively on issues related to Vendr's pricing structure.

1. Enhanced Transparency in Pricing Components

Customer Quote:

"Although Vendr overall does a nice job helping us negotiate, tracking documentation, and recommending procurement standards, I still need to track what is going on and clearly state what I want with each contract."

Customers appreciate Vendr's negotiation assistance but express a need for more transparency in pricing components. To address this, Vendr could provide users with a detailed breakdown of costs, helping them understand the nuances of each vendor's pricing structure. This transparency would empower users during negotiations, allowing for more informed decision-making and ensuring that they can clearly articulate their preferences and requirements.

2. Customizable Pricing Models for Tailored Solutions

Customer Quote:

"Having a good idea about the range of prices that SaaS vendors typically charge is a huge advantage. Hat's off to Vendr for giving their customers this information... It would be amazing if there was data like this for every category that my team sources."

Customers appreciate the insights into SaaS pricing that Vendr provides but express a desire for the platform to extend its expertise to other procurement categories. To address this concern, Vendr could consider expanding its customizable pricing models beyond SaaS. Introducing flexibility in pricing structures tailored to various procurement needs would ensure that users receive a cost-effective solution irrespective of the products or services they are acquiring.

3. Improved Reporting for Cost Analysis

Customer Quote:

"Vendr lacks effective reporting and functionalities... The inability of the end-user to make comments or add notes for the buyers to see and having to correspond solely via email can be a challenge."

Customers emphasize the need for advanced reporting functionalities to gain comprehensive insights into the cost-effectiveness of their procurement activities. Vendr could address this by introducing more robust reporting tools, allowing users to analyze spending patterns, negotiation outcomes, and potential cost-saving opportunities. Additionally, incorporating features that facilitate streamlined communication, such as the ability for end-users to add comments or notes directly within the platform, would contribute to more efficient cost management.


Listening to customer feedback is crucial for any platform's evolution, and in the case of Vendr, refining the pricing model based on user concerns is paramount. By focusing on transparency in pricing components, introducing customizable pricing models, and enhancing reporting for in-depth cost analysis, Vendr has the opportunity to fortify its position as a customer-centric SaaS buying platform. Addressing these pricing-related issues ensures that Vendr continues to meet the diverse and evolving needs of its user base.

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