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### Three Key Improvements to Productiv's Pricing Model: Insights from Customer Feedback

Productiv has established itself as a valuable SaaS management solution, offering comprehensive insights into application engagement and spend management. However, even the most successful platforms can benefit from customer feedback to refine their offerings. Based on reviews from 2023, here are the three biggest areas of improvement for Productiv's pricing model, each supported by actual customer quotes.

#### 1. Introduce Usage-Based Pricing

Customers have expressed concerns about the current pricing model, which is based on the total employee count rather than the number of users actively engaging with the platform. This approach can be financially burdensome for growing companies where not all employees are utilizing the service.

The pricing model is based on the employee count, which seems incorrect. It should be based on the number of users using Productiv and not on the employee count, as it becomes costly for a growing company. - Abhishek R., Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)


Productiv should consider implementing a usage-based pricing model that aligns more closely with the actual consumption of services. This would ensure that companies only pay for the value they receive, making the platform more accessible for businesses of all sizes and growth stages.

#### 2. Enhance Vendor Consolidation Opportunities

Customers appreciate the benchmark data provided by Productiv but would like to see more features that help identify vendor consolidation opportunities. This would enable them to streamline their SaaS portfolios and potentially reduce costs by eliminating redundant applications.

Customer Quote:

I would like to see more around vendor consolidation opportunities. For example, where we have multiple tools that fall into the same category, I would like Productiv to report that information. - Peter B., Sourcing Team Leader, Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)


Productiv should expand its analytics capabilities to include reports and recommendations on vendor consolidation. By doing so, customers can make more informed decisions about their SaaS investments and negotiate better terms with fewer vendors.

#### 3. Improve Transparency in Connectors and Data Accuracy

While Productiv is praised for its comprehensive outlook, there is a need for improved transparency and accuracy in connectors, which are critical for ensuring that customers receive precise data across all tools.

Customer Quote:

The only thing I would say would be to hone in on current or new connectors, to ensure we are getting accurate readings across all tools. - Emily T., Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)


Productiv should focus on enhancing the reliability and coverage of its connectors to ensure that data across all SaaS tools is accurately captured and reflected in the platform. This will help customers trust the insights provided and make more confident decisions based on the data.

By addressing these three areas of improvement, Productiv can further tailor its pricing model to the needs of its customers, ensuring that the platform remains a competitive and valuable tool for SaaS management.

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